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If you’re looking for a Fort Myers urologist, look no further than Florida Urology Physicians. Trying to find a specialist in urology can feel daunting. In Fort Myers, urology needs of all kinds can be met with the talented team at Florida Urology Physicians and our modern facilities that utilize all the best technology. At Florida Urology Physicians, our expert Ft. Myers urologist will answer any and all of your question, as well as find the best way to meet your urological care needs with understanding and compassion. With two convenient Fort Myers offices, Florida Urology Physicians is a great place to find the best urological care. Check out our six urology office locations in Southwest Florida

Florida Urology Physicians - Spotlight on - Low Testosterone (“Low T”)

One specialty of our Fort Myers urologist is treating low testosterone, or “low T”. Millions of men throughout the U.S. suffer from low T without even realizing it, often being treated for conditions when low T is actually the real culprit. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the physical changes a man experiences during puberty and is responsible for his sex drive. Starting at around age 30, testosterone begins to gradually decrease. This decrease is often accompanied by a diminishing interest in sex. Other symptoms can include impotence, decreased energy, depression, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, and irritability. A quick and simple blood test that checks testosterone levels will be able to determine if you are experiencing low T. There are several different types of treatment for low T. Testosterone can be added to the body through injections done every few weeks that go into the muscle and are absorbed into the bloodstream. Patches placed on the upper arm once a day also add testosterone to the body. Testosterone gels can also be applied to the underarm area. The newest method for low T treatment is implants such as Testopel. These implants involve testosterone pellets that are injected under the skin every four to six months, allowing the patient to experience strong and continuous testosterone therapy. Some disadvantages of low T therapy can include increased risk of heart disease and mood swings and low T therapy must be used continuously or else testosterone levels will go back to being low. If you’re suffering from low testosterone, Fort Myers urological care from Florida Urology Physicians can figure out the best treatment for you. Click on our “Specialties” page to learn more about low T and our other services.

Barry Blitz, MD FACS - A Dedicated Specialist

Meet one of our Fort Myers Urologists - Dr. Barry Blitz. After graduating from Rider College with a degree in biochemistry, Dr. Blitz went on to receive his Medical Doctorate from the University of South Florida and completed his general training in surgery and urologic surgery at the University of Chicago. He is also the Director of the Florida Urologic Research Institute and is the Principal Investigator in several ongoing clinical trials. Dr. Blitz works with all aspects of adult male and female urological needs and specializes in minimally invasive therapies for benign and cancerous urologic disorders. He is a regional leader in performing vasectomy reversals and one of just a handful of Ft. Myers urologists that perform continent urinary diversion for bladder cancer. To learn more about Dr. Blitz and the rest of our team, click on “Our Physicians”.

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Florida Urology Physicians is known for their compassionate care, our high tech facilities, the wide range of urologic services we offer. Some of these services include:

If you need help with or have any questions about urology, Ft. Myers specialists from Florida Urology Physicians can assist you and you can rest assured that your complete urologic care is in experienced and caring hands. Our goal is to ensure that every patient gets the care they need and can return to living a healthy and normal life. Visit our “Patient Resources” page to learn about making an appointment with our expert Fort Myers, Florida urologist.a We have two locations in Fort Myers, Florida: our south Fort Myers office is located at 7451 Gladiolus Drive and our east Fort Myers office is located at 13214 Palm Beach Blvd. Both offices can be reached at (239) 689-8800.