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This website is dedicated to people living or visiting Ft. Myers and Naples, Florida that need a specialist in urology. Millions of people suffer from easily curable urinary problems, but neglect to get help. Florida Urology Physicians is here to arm you with the information you need to make healthy and smart decisions about your urinary treatment or care.

It may seem hard to find a kidney specialist in Fort Myers, but don’t fret. Our Ft. Myers urology physicians are on call to answer your questions about everything from vasectomy or kidney disease to prostate cancer therapy.

Don’t let fear or procrastination delay your visit to a Ft. Myers or Naples specialist in urology. Our urology centers are conveniently located in Naples and Ft. Myers. We are prepared to help you feel better today. When you choose us for your bladder or kidney cancer care needs, you’re choosing a team of dedicated specialists in urology that serve the Naples and Fort Myers area.

Our six Ft. Myers and Naples, Florida specialists in urology perform the latest procedures using the most modern technology at all of our six state-of-the-art urology centers located in or near Ft. Myers and Naples, Florida. We also have prostate therapy centers in Cape Coral, Florida.

Find your favorite urologist in Naples or Ft. Myers: Dr. Ira Zucker, Dr. Brian Schwartz, Dr. Barry Blitz, Dr. Stephen Harrison, Dr. Bert Van Beever, and Dr. Veronique Fernandez-Salvador.

Professional, medical care that’s convenient for you is a primary concern. Our full-service urology centers in Ft. Myers Florida make it easy to schedule a visit and not disrupt your entire day. This goes for all our urology care centers including Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, and Punta Gorda.

Among the variety of urology services we provide is laser vaporization. Our Florida urologists are specially trained in this technique. We also specialize in:


Florida Urology Physicians is dedicated to providing you with total urinary health.
Our Naples and Ft. Myers urology centers are equipped with the latest in kidney cancer treatment technology, making us an ideal kidney specialist in Ft. Myers.

We strive to be among the best specialists in urology in the area. We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about our unique areas of specialty.

Make an appointment for a screening exam with one of our expert Ft. Myers or Naples urologists TODAY.

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